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Default Re: Holley 22XX Series Carb Stuff

Hi Mike, I'm a new member. I will give you a short and sweet. I have been away from working on cars for quite some time and I am restoring a 72 Scout II. The first thing I want to do is get it running like a top before I spend to much money in the body. I resently bought a carb on e-bay. I was told it came off a 74 Scout II with a 304. I have a 72 Scout II with a 304. I am guessing that it should be golden. I have gathered from earlier stings that the carb I bought is a 2210c. It appears to be missing the lever and assembly for the throttle lever opperated bowl valve. I am replacing a motorcraft carb that I am unable to find a rebuild kit for. Is this a wise decision? It sounds like the 2210c is a bit of a problem carb.
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