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Default Re: Holley 22XX Series Carb Stuff

Any and all "settings" we May ever suggest in these threads are only baselines that are proven to work on our own stuff.

Ignition systems and carburetion systems are adjustable so that fine tuning can be accomplished, that was even the case with "locked down" emissions stuff, a trained mechanic could diddle with the stuff if proper tooling was available and a set procedure was followed...such as the "propane enrichment" process which was at it's height of use during the era your vehicle was produced.

And I keep repeating around here...the 22xx series carbs are extremely difficult to deal with unless new! These are not carbs that were ever designed to be "serviced" in the real world...and to think that you can set one up perfectly 35 years later is simply not a reasonable assumption! I screw with 'em for hours at times to make 'em play nice.

Move the accel pump actuator to the "quickest/longest duration" slot, and bend the link as needed to make it give a shot even if the throttle arm is moved imperceptibly. Screw the specifications in any "book" or carb kit spec sheet! Worthless for these carbs!

And if the power valve actuator and the power valve circuit itself is not functioning perfectly, then these carbs are nothing but an unmetered hole for gasoline to dribble through...I can't be any more emphatic about that. In working with these carbs...maybe one in ten has a power valve actuator which is functional when it needs to operate. Without that, ya ain't got shit.

How do ya test it? Check post #4 in this thread:
Are yawl ready??? If not here's some training ya might need to prepare:
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