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Default Re: Holley 22XX Series Carb Stuff

Well I went to the parts yard today and pulled every vaccuum line and t and egr valve and another 7309a carb and anything else I could think of put all my vac lines back to original placement even the one that goes to the air cleaner. Seems to run better but now I have a dead spot in the carb. Everytime I think ive fixed something another issue pops up. The extra carb is just for a spare to rebuild because I know there getting hard to find. So now I guess I just have to figure out the dead spot and work from there. I power timed it and it seemed I had advanced a bit far. Using your tuning specs on the carb, it seems like my screws are out too far but it seems to be running ok that way. Man I wished I lived closer so I could just say here it is bill me when its ready to pick up lol. Back to the drawing board I guess for now.
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