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Default Re: Holley 22XX Series Carb Stuff

The "correct" way to over-ride the egr valve is to remove it completely. Then use a "blocker plate" kit (included bolts and gasket) such as supplied by ihon here:

egr block off plate for IH engine - IH Parts America Scout

Simply removing the vacuum source from the valve will prevent it's actuation...but if the egr valve diaphragm leaks...or if the pintle hangs open (very common), then that is a major manifold vacuum leak point.

If this rig is not used on the street and the egr is "overridden (again...a non-street application)", then the hic valve in the Holley 22xx carb May also be disabled. However, if the bimetal-control valve itself is properly sealed using the new seal supplied in a carb kit, then it will most likely never actually "open and induce a "metered" vacuum leak.

If you want to totally disable the functionality of the hic system, then remove the parts and carefully drive a lead shot of the appropriate size into the orfice. Do not use rtv anywhere close to the fuel system for any engine!!!

That carb has several locations on it where lead seals were pushed in and staked at the point of manufacture.
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