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Default Hooking up an aftermarket fuel gauge.... Clueless.

Alright so after fighting with my fuel gauge for several weeks I have decided just to mount an aftermarket one under the dash. I have gone with the Ford/chrysler equus gauge (I had store credit at o'reilly autoparts so I figured I'd use it to buy the gauge, otherwise I'd have gone with autometer). The part where I am confused is the actual wiring of the gauge. I have heard all of the "its a snap!" stories, but I'm mildly confused and terrible with wiring. I know that I have to run wire from the sending unit up to the gauge, and I know that I have to supply 12 volts to the gauge itself. My Dad has been suggesting that I totally tear our the wiring coming from the sending unit to the gauge and replacing it with new wire that would be directly routed to the equus gauge. This sounds great, but I'm having trouble following where the wire goes (I'm using the manual). I can see the wire marked 36-19 which is the one that controls the fuel level on the gauge side, but in the book it just shows it hooking up to the fuse block, and then nothing after that. Also, the gauges I have right now are run using the cvr, how does that effect things? I also can't get a straight answer from searching the forums on whether or not I can use the stock sending unit. I'm 99% sure I can, and I know it is a good unit. I'm sorry for all the questions, I'm just no good whatsoever with wiring and gauges. I plan on mounting this gauge on the lower portion of the dash by where your right knee would be if you were sitting in the driver's seat. How have you guys (that have installed one or two aftermarket gauges) hooked yours up?
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