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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Two weekends ago I r&r'd the clutch master and bled it. Yanked the other rear drum. Took measurements on the 3 flex brake hoses (ends and lengths). Found that the hard lines on the rear axle were toast.
Wiped off the rear axle tag..... Read 4.89 gears. Glad it's a od five speed. I'll be installing 285/75/16 tires on it, which should help along with 16x8 alloy wheels. Haven't decided what style wheel, but I'll pick one soon.

Last weekend I drove the Scout to g&j aircraft in ontario to have the lines made along with replacement hard lines for the rear. Got home and found the fuel pump on the Scout was blowing fuel out of the blow hole. luckily I had a new diaphragm so 1 hour later the Scout was back on the road and I was back at the airport to work on the t-ette. Got the rear brake plumbing mounted and ready for brake assembly.

Tackling the front brake lines next weekend. Not looking forward to being a contortionist getting to the frame end of the hoses. Should be able to get the front brakes and wheel cylinders rebuilt and back together...
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