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Default Re: 1970 Scout 800A - "Grandpa's Scout"

Hello Tom,
finding this forum, your story and seeing the work you are doing has really hit home.
I am in the research stage of my restoration. (that's how I found your post.)
I have my parent's 1970 800a. I was five when they bought it right off the showroom floor. Fred m. Boerner in huntington park CA. I even remember sitting on the tailgate in the showroom.
He gave it to me as my first vehicle at 16. I learned to drive in the Scout and even took my driving test in it. The clutch was the toughest part, I believe.
Many years and life phases have passed but luckily I never made the irreversible decision of getting rid of it.
It isn't running and it's going to take a lot of time and work to bring it back to my goal of "better than new".
This forum and IHPartsAmerica seems like a great start for my project.
I am a novice to forums, strings and/or threads so forgive me for asking about a 2015 update to your project. Did you post it in another location?
Thank you for your post,
don 1970 800a
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