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Angry What do I have?

1977 SII,196 4cyl, 1bbl carb, D44 front and back,pretty stock, but it is also a 50 state "federal" Scout, meaning that there is not smog equipment required (pretty cool if you live in California, which I do).

trying to figure out what model 3 speed manual trans I have in my 1977 SII. It's a 3 speed stick with a "chain drive" transfer case. It also has a dashboard "pull" cable to shift into 4WD. It works fine but leaks like a sieve. Want to pull and rebuild. I can also change out the 196 rear main at he same time.

Another problem I am having is that it won't go into 4WD when pulling the cable. So, are these 3-speeds worth the effort to rebuild? Not going to do HARD offroading with the Scout, just mild stuff. I have not seen a chain drive Transfer case, so a little unsure. It there a rebuild kit available. I've searched the thread here and don't find anyone who has similar issues.

I would like to keep the Scout stock if I can. Sentimental reasons and it gets good MPG (about 19). Any help would be appreciated.
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