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Default Re: Getting title in CA

Originally Posted by Robert kenney View Post
aaa will do the vin verification for no fee. They have done all of my IH's and other vintage rolling stock on the spot.

Be cautious however that the vin tag will have a letter in the vin, for instance an "a" on my 65 that was not stamped on the frame rail. That almost soiled my Scout verification but I told the agent that IH only stamped the letter on the vin tag. Went fine after that.
Just saw this thread and it brought to mind when I had the dmv verify the frame vin on my 1980. If I had brought along the LST I might have had some ammunition to shoot back with. My frame was stamped k0062 before the kgdxxxxx. That didn't match the vin plate and she sent me off to the chp to sort it out, which only made things worse (they stuck me with a "truck" plate because it had a terra top on it). The LST had pre-printed on it k0062 before the vin. Anyone else notice this?
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