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Default Re: D series GM spring/axle swap questions


After about 3 months in the garage, and far too much trial and error, I have a functioning truck again! Yay!!! But we're not quite out of the woods yet, as they say. In regards to the original posting, the GM stock leafs for a 73-80 GM truck are rather flat. (81 and up springs are longer on the top leaf. Buyer beware ) I had to use a 2.5" lift block to get the truck to sit right. The goal tire diameter is 33". I hear that the stock d series can run those on stock springs. Well, those stock springs much have a bit more arch in them than the GM springs. Because right now I have 33's under the back, and the 2.5" lift block. And I have 3/4 ton IH front springs with about 1" lift built into them, holding up the front, with 31" tires on the original d44. and the truck sits level!

after going back to the local spring shop, and going over what I really wanted, they suggested to decide on the amount of lift that I want and bring the springs in for rearching. This is where we get back to a similar question to the original one. I have to replace the front mounts on the front springs, as they're damaged. The IHPA new front mount kit should do, but I have to go to to the GM springs to make it work. So, up front the goal is GM springs and GM Dana 44, for obvious reasons. I see that they installed 4" lifted springs on the IHPA big blue buildup. If I put stock arch springs up front, will my truck sit level?

Thanks! 😎👍
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