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Major kudos go up to the guys at IHPA. Ordered the ignition switch online Wednesday night and it arrived Friday morning by noon-o-clock got it installed and seems to work. But still have a gremlin or two lingering around.

Didn't get much done, sigh. Kept getting distracted. My Dad came down for a couple hours today to catch up and have lunch.

Yesterday, I was considering dropping the gas tank to check the pick up tube sending unit. Well, as things go with getting bit by the typical po virus. The rear bumper and hitch is welded and tied into the tank skid plate. Along with cheesy trailer wiring. Why am I not surprised oh them bubble gum welds. Aint it purdy? At this point, what normally takes a couple hours to drop the tank, will end up an all day project. Then some time to re-do that po virus crapola. Kind of an interesting idea, but not well thought out. Although, it's currently not mandatory for me to drop the tank, but I just wanna check and make sure things are in good order.

Got a real pleasant surprise today, though. I just took the time to check the motor stamped id. And found out that a 345 e is stuffed in ole yeller. Also, 120108a is stamped right under it.

Now, I'm more curious as to what a line set ticket will reveal. One will be ordered soon. In the mean time, it's looking like it will be next weekend when I can take it out for a spin.
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