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Default Re: No Oil in the Driverside Head

7 qts will not hurt anything -- it is actually recommended for the double hump pan on scouts.

If your oil level is / was too low when you started your engine, you would hear "noises" in the valve train.

Yes, you need to get oil to the driver's side rocker arm assembly "by hand" before running the engine.

You need to reread mchael's post above and the non-oiling rocker post again.

I do not know if there is an "easy" way to get the oil passages "lined up" while hand priming based on michael's description -- just patience and time.

What michael is trying to point out about the cam bearings is that there are holes in the cam bearings and holes in the metal "bosses" the cam bearings "sit" in.

These holes have to be perfectly lined up -- I think I have read where people have "reamed out" the holes in the cam bearings to make them match better.

If the cam bearings holes are not "lined up" -- partially blocked or totally blocked -- little or no oil gets to the top of the head / rocker assembly.

From michael's post (and your description), it appears that the cam bearing for the passenger's side is lined up correctly (since you get oil to the rocker assembly).

Since you ran the engine for 5 minutes with no oil getting to the top of the driver's side head (my understanding of your post), it is possible (probable?) that the cam bearing for the driver's side is not lined up correctly.
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