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Default Re: No Oil in the Driverside Head

Thanks michael,
I started this whole thing by calling the engine builder and asked if I should pull the valve covers after/during the oil pump priming. He said yes so I did and started w/the passenger side. Oil started to flow almost immediately! I said ok, even a blind squirell finds a nut every now and again and felt pretty good. I moved on to the driver side and nothin'. After cleaning my pants I called Jeff and he said to read your thread which I did. I rotated counter clockwise 10 times and poured an ounce of m.m. Oil into each cyl. And couldn't get oil in that drivers side head while I indexed the crank and my Dad spun the cordless drill. I then removed the rocker assy to check if the hole in the head was lined up w/the stand and it was and then I checked the orientation of the rocker shaft and it was good.
I told the engine builder about the intermittent oiling w/the IH engines and told me about the '56 Chevy's that would do the same thing and they had to be run to spin fast enough for the intermittent oiling to reach the rocker assy.
Wouldn't you think that if all was ok after 5 minutes of 1800 rpm it would produce oil? I think that trumps the rotating by hand test w/the drill don't you?
Should I drain the pan and see if any metal is in there? The oil is 2-3 weeks old and should not have been really viscous by that point. If he put it together correct on the #3 (or#4) doesn't that give me hope it did correctly on the other?
I'm gonna go down there Monday and see if he'll come over to take a look.
I saw you made an adapter out of a rubber plug to test pressure at the gallery hole in the head. If there is no oil, would that register any pressure if air is compressable?
Do I start dis-assembling this thing to see where the last point is that gets oil?
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