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Default Re: No Oil in the Driverside Head

Did you "prime" the oil pump until you got oil to the rocker arms / "top end"?

"un-full" lifters make a lot of noise -- because the push rods are "loose" (no "contact") and "bang" against the lifter / rocker arm.

"un-filled" lifters would make noise for 20 - 60 seconds on startup -- longer if the push rod / rocker arm "initial set" is not "close".

Was this engine assembled and not run at the time of assembly?

It is possible that assembly lube was used and it is now "hardened".

Also, I think it is possible to put the rock arms / shaft back in "wrong" and that affects oil flow thru the rocker shaft / arms.

With no oil, I would expect the rocker shaft to be "galled" even after 5 minutes with no oil.

This is a thread you should read if you have not already...

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