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Default Current Issues

So I'm using my Traveler as a daily driver now. Not a good idefa in NE, but it's what I've got. I resent buying another vehicle and let this sit idle.

Current problems-
Autometer Phantom II transmission gauge, electric- never worked. Working through some issues with Autometer to rectify this. Gauge tests good with their procedure. Wiring to gauge is good. Sender is the focus now. They dropped one in the mail that they tested good to try. I'm open to suggestions from you folks.

Gas tank- I have an old 33GAL steel aftermarket unit in there. With the daily driver duties and excessive pothole count here in New ENgland, all the rust scale inside the tank is breaking loose and gumming up my filters, lines, pump, carb, etc. I change the filters onece a week now. Been doing this for a month in hopes that at some point, the rust scale will finally all be cycled through. Means to an end. The only shop I can find to hot tank my gas tank wants $450 to do it. That's just to clean it. I'm not interested in lining it. I can buy all the stainless in the world and build one myself for that price plus a $100.

Mystery blown fuse on the headlight circuit- Happens when I hit a good bump very rarely, but almost instantly when using the high beams. My parking lights are tied into the same headlight switch of course, and the sidemarkers on this circuit pigtails tend to corrode quickly. I think this may be the issue. I've traced the wiring and done continuity testing, wiring is good. Maybe more grounds and replace front sidemarker light pigtails as these are the ones that work intermittently and corrode. I;m not running any inner fenders on the front. Using lots of dielectric grease.

4L60- Hunts some around 2100rpm for 60 - 65mph. Might be an adjustment in the TV cable. Yes, still using the Lokar TV cable. Seems to be fine, but haven't fooled with it for adjustment. It could be a cable adjustment (need a pressure gauge for this), maybe just my gearing/ engine combo. Slightest uphill at 65mph it's down shifting. Maybe I'm too used to newer vehicles and their ODs. Transmission is working great though. Still haven't fisxed leak at transfer case to transmission connection. Gummed up with RTV for now and it's fine.

Cooling Fan Shroud- I need to refab it. Long story: I went through a no start issue last summer. Sharp right turns under load caused the fan to hit the shroud. Then, I had a no start issue. Try to start truck, starter would just grind on the flywheel. Replaced starter with one I had laying around. Same issue. Replaced motor mounts with Solid ones using a GM bushing. Removed shroud. Used a rebuilt NAPA starter. Good to go. Haven't reinstalled shroud yet. Need to increase the opening diameter for another 3/8" of clearance for the cooling fan to keep it from hitting under stress.

Parking Brake- still need to remove the TSM output parking brake and swap to another more traditional parking brake setup. I have a GM 14 bolt C&C rear converted to discs with 3/4T 4wd chevy front calipers in use. Thinking the El DOrado caliper on both sides with new cables.

Newest problem Oil Leak- Developed an oil leak from the back of the motor near the bottom... Will evaluate tonight. Appears to be the rear main seal again. I noticed a week ago some oil residue around the PCV valve on the valley pan towards the back of the motor. Didn't think anything of it. Last week, I noticed the smell of burning oil, then leaking in the driveway while running when warmed up. Drove it two days like this. Cleaning it up tonight to see where the hell the hell is coming from. In an effort to diagnose, I removed the PCV, plugged the vac hos from it to the carb, removed the spark arrestor on the driver valve cover. No difference. Bought a new PCV, cleaning up the spark arrestor, and reinstalling the vacuum line, then cleaning up the mess to see where the heck it's coming from then go from there. This is a major issue. My fault I guess. I'm running around in winter with no flywheel cover in New England, and neglected to notice the mess on the valley pan. I think this stems from a failed PCV. Could have been road debris, but I don't think so. Seal had less than 6K miles on it if that's what's leaking.
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