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Default Re: My Traveler Ride

Core plugs- this was a low mile engine, but had been sitting for a while. I had leaks at the rear of the block, needing the transmission to be removed to replace. I rounded up the appropriately sized plugs, bought an electric sears craftsman angled hammer, and thought I could pound them in. The po had installed a 3" body lift which gave me more romantic than a factory Scout. After removing old plugs, sanding the holes, blasting them with brake cleaner, I buttered up the new ones with indian cylinder head gasket sealer and banged then in. The hammer program sucked. I thought I got them in sufficiently seated. Went ahead and reinstalled transmission, fired it up after topping off with water. Leaked. Noticed front plug leaking on driver side. Can't win. Can't learn from my mistakes. Removed engine, removed all core plugs, flushed block as best I could, cleaned holes, blasted with brake cleaner, buttered up plugs with same indian sealer, banged them in. Touched up outside with right stuff rtv, no leaks since. This worked out because I was able to redo the rear main at this time.
Intake manifold leaks- the purchased motor was equipped with a 2brl intake, I wanted one use my 4brl intake. I removed both, cleaned the 4brl unit, installed on new motor. I used fel pro intake gaskets with copper rtv and factory bolts. Thought I had abother stuck valve, but noticed water in the oil. So... While engine was out for core plug business,removed intake, had it blasted, flange connections machined flat in case of warpage, replaced welch plugs on bottom, installed with new fel pro gaskets, copper rtv gaskets and bolts, flanged serrated ss hardware. Reinstalled while motor was out.. No leaks
headers- sorry the ones I'm using were dabbed by an enthusiastic out of louisiana. There were a small run of these about 5 years ago. Block hugger, tri y design, ceramic coated. I first installed these when purchased new and bought the Scout. Took me forever then to get them to seal. I used three different custom by me angled wrenches to access the bolts. The collectors were a 4 bolts flange connection to the exhaust. It was nye impossible to get these to seal then. What I have now- same headers, bought and cut in/ welded in flowmaster ball collectors for positive sealibg, had header flanges machined flat for sealing, installed with fel pro gadgets, copper rtv on gaskets and bolts, mr gasket ss header bolts. No leaks.
Exhaust- I used flowmaster series 90 mufflers. Hard to fit. I also have a 2 1/2" dual exhaust that I built myself. Hindsight I would use a long tube muffler, have someone do it for me. Between the transmission removals and exhaust, exhaust gave the most grief as it was very time consuming. But... No leaks I did the exhaust for $300 including mufflers, excluding header work and purchase. I straight up saved $700 from having someone doing it for me. Local shops quoted me $1000 using my our chased mufflers for a alumagalv dual exhaust. I couldn't justify it. I will say it took me probably 80 hours to complete though as it was my first time, no bender, everything welded, and it's a Scout.
Light racing jounce shocks- simply unnecessary for me. I May remove one day and install a good urethane unit. Look good though. I had these left over from another project, decided to use them as I didn't want to waste the $1200 I spent on them plus install time. Incredible fab work was required to install. You May not have the same issue if you're running a wider axle, smaller tire, etc.
Sway bars- jury is still out. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Had trouble with steering interference industry front so I removed that one and have not reinstalled the rear but fpundits it useful in the past. These are IH parts americas kit units purchased a long time ago. The front issue is due to my steering setup, needs more time to sort out to use. Would be fine on a more common Scout I'm sure. Something with less mods, more fab effort on my part.
Efi- highly recommend it, I used an afi harness, junkyard sourced TBI setup, afi chip. This was 8 years ago. Bought a converted distributor of this forum. Had other engine issues on replacement, so I haven't reinstalled it yet. But I will.
Hydroboost- another great mod, I thought I had a bad mc as I never could get the brakes bled out. Finally discovered a pin hole in a brake line (arced out while welding close to it I guess) and fixed it. I used a psc pump, astro van booster, wound up replacing mc before I found the leak, astro van proportioning valve. May upgrade to a truck size mc in the future. Stops great. I will say that belt tension is important. I fiddled with this a great deal. Went to a smaller belt to get more tightening range. Took all my parts to a hydraulic shop and plumbing diagram of what needed to go to what and had them make up hoses. Using a single return line.
Study study- buy and use every manual you can find, research the things you want to do, don't reinvent the wheel because chances are it's already been done. There's no need. I'm not doing anything ground breaking here.
Power heated seats- I spent $250 on a pair of 2005 pontiac gtp front seats that incorporated seat belts because I just had to have heated seats, power was just a bonus. These are for sale btw. The wiring is a nightmare, two level heat only, and a crappie load of fab worm to fit them in. Poor choice. I put my factory Scout buckets back in.
Join a club, make friends with similar interests- this May seem like a no-brainer, but I very done 95% by myself. It's been tough. When you have like minded friends, they can help. Join a club, maybe they have a facility you can use to work on your junk. Again, an opportunity to meet folks with similar interests that can help and provide insight, experience, ideas, suggestions.

I'm no expert, but feel free to ask questions. My junk is far from done. Much of the repairs, replacements, upgrades were learned and done the hard way and self performed by me, on my own. Forums like IH Parts America have been very helpful, thanks to all. Good luck and best wishes for your rig, I still have a long ways to go! I'll post up pictures of the various bits and pieces of what I'v done in time.
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