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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

So I had 2 vacuum advance issues on the t-ette. 1) the diaphragm was leaking. Easy enough to fix by ordering one from IHPA done! 2) the port on the metering block supplied no vacuum and with a mighty vac on it would hold vacuum forever. It appeared to have a blockage in the carburetor passages.

My plan on Saturday was to go fix the advance blockage issue. I get in the t-ette to swap it around ( back it in), start it and the clutch would not release. Fooky!! It never worked perfectly even after bleeding it to death but it worked.. So I roll under the trans and remove the inspection cover on the bottom of the bell housing and see the problem immediately. Some how the through out bearing collar had rotated and the actuator fork was out of it's grooves. After much fretting over the fix I figured that some one had disassembled the slave linkage and allowed the fork to swing back far enough for the collar to disengage. It must have turned and they put the slave back in. Amazing it worked at all. My fear initially was that the collar May have come out of place some time when the transmission was pulled and it would have to come out again.. luckily that was not the case. I was able to remove the slave cylinder and swing the fork back and re-engage the fork and collar... I installed a new slave, because I had it, bled it, and now it is perfect..

on to the carb. It turns out the throttle body was not drilled just above the butterfly as it should be with a timed spark advance system. Got lucky again. I took the other 2300 apart, removing the throttle body from it that was drilled and swapped it on to the 2300 I had just removed. Should be ok now. Will need to wait until the new advance actuator comes in.. More fun for a post turkey day weekend

Sunday was not over yet. I have the new points and condenser for the t-all. Figured I would install them and see if it could run any better... The old girl lit right off and after a couple of minutes of high idle from some choke it idled right down smooth as glass... No ticking that I could hear above the exhaust leak. No smoke or blow by. It has a fuel leak at the inlet fitting. The bowl is stripped so it won't tighten. I was able to run it for 10 minutes or so until the leak became a liability not worth the fun I was having.. :slap it had a fair amount of heat in it by that time and I saw no coolant leaking. The coolant was still super clean and green.

So it looks like I have two running round body IH's now. I'll need to fix the brakes on the t-all to back her off of my trailer. Run up to Lancaster to pickup my new bed.. That should be very cool to get the right bed on the t-ette.
Stay tuned.
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