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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Got the new rear hub bearing races installed. Greased and installed the new roller bearings.
Hung the rear brakes along with a new spring kit.
Installed the rear drums set the bearing preload.
Bled the entire brake system.
Adjusted the brakes.
Fired it up and drove it to the local gas station and filled up one tank. I drove it around for about 15 minutes. Ran flawlessly. I'm super happy. Has fairly good power too.
I need to readjust the brakes and will probably re-bleed the brakes....
Other than installing the new correct bed and replacing the universal joints, replacing the belts and coolant and fixing a bug in the headlights it's a driver for a while.
Oh and I need a rear window, and along with that the front has a bit of fogging at the bottom so I May find a good replacement

I'll take some more Saturday when I go back to detail the job and look into the headlight deal.
Till then here is what I have..

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