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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Finished the rear brake lines and got the backing plates and small parts cleaned up... Wheel cylinders mounted and plumbed.

Then I decides to look at the carburation again. It always seems lean on the pilot jets. So I replaced the booster hose and removed the pcv valve (rebuildable type) and cleaned it.. Reinstalled it along with new hose to the valley pan. It's better, way better. But.......
I believe all IH 304's with the 2 barrel 2300 Holley's used timed vacuum advance that plumbed off of the metering block and not the manifold vacuum direct.???

The truck came with a list # 2977 2300 installed with the advance plumbed to the vacuum tree. I have been through it already and it is sound. The timed port on 2977 is not threaded or open. I think this one had been monkeyed with

the truck came with another used carb list 1710-3. The 1710-3 has the timed port threaded and it also had a fitting in it.. I rebuilt it today along with a new 6.5 power valve. Before I install it I want to for sure know which vacuum the truck should have.

Fyi both the 2977 and 1710-3 are speced for the ihc 266 and 304.

Nice listing below of Holley list numbers and applications..

Holley master list of list numbers
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