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Default Re: I-4 and SV Engine Non-Oiling Rocker Assembly

We're almost to tha point whee we can start fixin' stuff, but let's look at one other "diagnostic detail"....

This pic shows the top of either rocker shaft. Notice the smaller holes as compared to the larger holes.

The small holes at each rocker pivot point must be oriented in the up position when the assembly is installed to the head.

Once the rocker shaft is completely filled with lube oil from the cam bearing/journal feed, it begins to stream from each of the eight spit holes and into the rocker shaft bushing.

See the small "notch" at the end of the rocker shaft? That is the indicator that the shaft is correctly oriented when re-assembled. That notch is present at both ends of the shaft. Always verify correct assembly before installing the rocker assembly, which is...notch up!

If the rocker shaft is installed upside down, then oil simply drains away and an insufficient quantity will emerges from the bushing area to drool onto the pushrod cup end, and also down onto the valve tip interface. The oil is channeled through that groove formed when the rocker stamping is folded together and then spot welded.

And both ends of the rocker where the hard face tips are inserted must be clean and sludge free. Ya gotta see daylight if ya look at the tips! That is the only way oil can reach the hard tips!!!! Very simple piece of engineering!
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