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Default Re: Binder Bee 2015 needs new leadership

I am located in Southern Oregon and would be willing to host an event if we can get enough interest. We have a local off road group here,I am not affiliated with, that may be willing to host that type of event. I would host a scenic Crater Lake drive and show. If there is interest in the Medford area, I would be willing to help as well so it could stay on the I-5 corridor. Every time I take out my Scout I get thumbs up from other drivers, it would be nice to find similar minded people in the area. My wife and I went to the Fall Sierra Ralley several years ago and had a wonderful tour of old stagecoache stops and cemeteries rounded up with a great lunch. Let me know if there is any interest. We used to be with the IHSTO, but it looks like that group is gone, at least their website doesn’t seem functional.
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