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Originally Posted by scooter View Post
I know on my 74 Scout, all three bolt holes, for the steering gear box, in the frame are sleeved, to prevent the frame itself from being deformed when the bolts are tightend. The straight stear that you speak of will help destribute the force between both frame rails. It also adds a cross brace where none was mounted from the factory. My theory is to add both - a reinforcement plate and the straight steer. The plate being on the outside of the frame, sandwhiched between the steering gear box and the frame. That was where my frame was getting tweeked. Not so much on the inside(engine bay) of frame.

In my build thread of my 74, I believe I added photos of the 1/4" plate that I fabed up. I then welded it to the out side of the frame, then bolted the steering box on top of that. Then fine tuning the alignment to compensate the 1/4" plate. I also added a reinforcement plate - similar to what IH Parts America sells - to the inside(engine bay) of the frame.

Hope that helps some what

btw - good luck and enjoy the re-wiring. Been there done that. And I'm about to do it again. Glutten for punishment oh boy
After reading up on some other threads I think that I will end up doing both the reinforcement plate and straight steer. The outside of my frame hasn't started deforming at the bolt holes yet but some preventative maintenance can't hurt. Thanks for the ideas.
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