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Default Re: Holley pro jection 2d off idle stumble, poor gas mileage

Had not thought of pulling some plugs, but good idea. Can do that tomorrow.

I have ordered an air/fuel meter with it's own o2 sensor, so I can better monitor what it happening.

The O2 sensor in it now( for the holley system) is about a month old, and the previous one did bench test as bad. I did not bench test the new one, so am assuming it is good. Of course assuming at this point does not get answers.

as to the other truck getting better fuel mileage it was a 1600 Loadstar, with a 345 set up with the same pro jection system, and a 4 speed, with two speed rear, and in high, ratio of 5.8, the bus is 5.14 in high on the rear.

The 1600 was grossing 26,000 lbs, and the bus is 18,000lbs normal running weight. By the way the the bus is converted to an RV, so other then water and fuel the weight does not change much.
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