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Default Travelall Rust Repair

I know this has been covered many times and I have searched the forum but most post I found are pretty old so I thought I would ask again to see if I get lucky.

Vehicle: 1974 Travelall 100 with Custom trim

It has the typical rust in the rear wheel arches. Nothing in the door area and no issues in the spare tire area. Just around the lip of the wheel arch and the very bottom of the rear lower quarter panels. I am about to have the bodywork completed and have the truck painted. Currently the plans with the body guy is to fabricate the rear sections with new steel. Very labor intensive but the end result (if done corrrect) will be good and look factory.

Any recent options for rear wheel arch patch panels?

Has anybody looked into using the wheel arches from the truck bed D-series to repair a Travelall? I don't have one to compare but from pictures they look very similar. The issue I have is that my Travelall has the trim on the side that follows the contours of the wheel arch so I need something that follows the original lines or the trim will not match. The wheel arches on the truck beds don't seem to rust as bad as the Travelalls and a used panel could be sourced.

Any other thoughts or recommendations?

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