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Question ANOTHER S80 ballast resistor wiring question

Another ballast resistor wiring question. I recently had my 152 engine remanufactured through IH part america and I am preparing to install everything in my 1963 Scout 80. I am trying to make sense of the wealth of information on the forums regarding the ignition coil, ballast resistor and removal of the infamous resistance wire. Here is what I understand so far:

(1) remove the resistance wire
(2) install a ballast resistor
(3) install a new ignition coil
(4) as per the famous Mike mayben – “simply run a new ignition primary circuit”

the primary sources of information I am using are:

“smoking ballast resistor?” – [IH Parts America forum]

“ballast resistor wiring s80 question” – [binder planet forum]

I plan to follow Maybens setup as described in the “smoking ballast resistor?” post #3.

I have several questions about Maybens instructions posted below As well as the diagram in the “ballast resistor wiring s80 question”. I’ve never been good with electrical diagrams and logic so any help would be appreciated.

1) no "resistor wire" feed to the coil at all! Eliminate that wire from the entire harness but do not toss it, save for some other project if it's still good. Coil it up and put it away!

2) you need a ballast resistor of 0.8ohms nominal. I keep wells p/n al795 around here for this purpose. Tell the counter monkee that ya wanna resistor for a 1963>1971 dodge/plymouth/chrysler points ignition system, take your ohmmeter and check the sob on the counter! Again, that is 0.8ohms, not the same as the 1.8ohms unit we use for the sv points system! Big difference!

3) ya needa coil with a primary resistance of a nominal 3.0ohms. Again...that is different from the coils we use for the sv motors! They do not interchange (electrically speaking).

4) run a minimum 14 gauge wire from the ignition switch "on" terminal to one side of the resistor, I mount the resistor right on the coil bracket in some manner where it's convenient. Then run a pigtail from the "out" side of the resistor to the coil positive (+) terminal.

Question 01:
just to clarify, the “on” terminal is the highlighted one below?

5) connect your new distributor pigtail to the negative(-) side of the coil.

6) run a minimum 14 gauge wire from the starter solenoid/relay "r" terminal. That will provide full b+ to the ignition coil when the starter cranks the motor over. When ya release the switch to the "run" position, then current is applied to the ballast resistor which then feeds the coil at less than b+.

Question 02:
what does “full b+” mean?

Question 03:
where does this wire from item #6 run exactly? From “r” to (+) side of the ignition coil as shown with the red dotted line below?

Question 04:
is the yellow highlighted wire removed?

the wire runs I describe are exactly the same as I've outlined in the homebrew wiring spreadsheet I sent ya. Except, that system includes the additional "remote" starter solenoid mounted on the firewall, in that system the new relay provides the b+ feed to the coil in the "start" position.

Now...if you set the dwell to 74* for the delco distributor, the current draw through the primary side of the ignition system will be a nominal 3.1>3.4 amps, which is perfect for the 4popper motor and the points will live a long, happy life and the coil will exhibit perfect saturation!

Question 05:
what is the item highlighted in the diagram posted in the “ballast resistor wiring s80 question”? When I compare that diagram to the manual I don’t see that connection anywhere.

Any help and or additional information related to the topic will be appreciated because I am really trying to understand all of this stuff! Thanks in advance.
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