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Default Re: 1965 D1100 4x4 driver/project

I'VE COME BACK TO LI.. Eerrr, I've gone back to work. Meanwhile my tires died. RIP surplus HMMWV tires, you served your country, and my truck well.... Atleast probably.... At some point...

Lucky my new tires back ordered from Christmas 2018 showed up last mont

The bumper is now sitting about 1.5" higher than it did previously, and new 16" rims look great. Havent decided if I like the idea of the early 70s hubcaps with cutouts or not. Currently I'm formulating my plan for this winter, wich may or may not involve a large tent, sound deadening insulation, and rust repair; meanwhile in a garage not so far away, this happened:

Brace for an update to the NP202 thread. The only things remaining are the two original and one nos yolks, they degunked almost effortlessly in acetone (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE???) leaving a crusty cast part thats grease and paint free. Only issue is the acetone doesnt dissolve the residual dirt, leaving it stuck like a film in every hard to brush corner. Apart from that, hardware. I cant stand painted threads/bolts, the minute I put a wrench on it: gone. So I open the question; readers? Any hardware coatings that look good and dont deteriorate? (One that doesnt involve replacing every nut and bolt with zinc coated)
In other news, many new and crusty parts were aquired including a scout 800a ragjoint column, used tank selector switch assembly, crack/jb-plauge free 2300 carb, and a very expensive giant box of rubber molding. Alot of possibility of what I can get done this winter depending on how much time I have, so stay tuned for continued mayhem, rust, roadgrime, and damaged sanity
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