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Default Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition

Originally Posted by wbrent7766 View Post
pete's rig was a 304, the red and white one had the v-6.

I just wanted to chime in and say a big thanks to the crew that worked so hard to make the bee great. I am already looking forward to next year.

I got a lot of stares on my way home Sunday. It might have been because I was driving on I-5 in a monsoon and the top was off. If I do that again I think I will install wipers on the inside of the windshield too.
Thanks for the pat wes! And thank you for helping out!

It don't rain in orygone in confused??? We were too!!! Them thunderboomers up on the roth hilltop were severe while we waited for ken and mendomikee to return from knockin' back that bottle with mr. Martin! Thirteen of us made the trek over there after the show to wait for 'em, then everyone took the backroads down here for the rest of the pardee!

Now I really feel like a bigger fool than I am! I just found the bee registrations so's I can match names/rides/faces and pete is a dam neighbor of ours and we've never connected! Hell...he lives right close to sonja off the north side of the river and up tha crick!!! He must keep that 800 in his bedroom under glass!!!
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