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Default Re: 1973 IC 392 rebuild to replace 304 in 78 Scout 2

Welcome to the forum. Robert kenney is the resident engine guru around here. If you search his name you will find all kinds of posts with relevant information. What I can offer you in anecdotal, lamens terms is that none of the IH v8 engines were designed with high compression, high revving, and high horsepower in mind. It isn't cheap or practical to achieve, though it can be done somewhat if the desire and pocketbook are nearly bottomless. These engines do make very good torque, especially the 392, and do so at relatively low revs with a flat curve across the power band. I have a stock 392 in my '74 Scout and it makes all the power I need and then some for the way I use it, which is mostly mild to moderate trail thumping with the occasional rallye opportunity here and there. Really, the kind of power a 392 makes is somewhat wasted in a Scout, as towing heavy loads is where this mill really shines the brightest.
There are things you and your machinist can do to "pep" up your mill, but you might do well to temper your expectations. I think you and lee will be far happier in the end if you set your goal to have strong runner, with good street manners that is capable of tugging your house off its foundation at less than 4k rpms and doesn't break the piggy bank to get it there.
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