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Default Jack for 1974 Scout II 4x4 L6 with 31X10.5-15 tires

Vehicle specs:
1974 International Harvester Scout II
l6 258, 4 speed manual
original drive train parts, original frame and body
31x10.5x15 tires

hey guys,

I'm kevin, and I bought my first IH car yesterday. Everything checks out mechanically (not so great cosmetically, but its not a dollhouse), but one thing is missing. A usable jack. I have the original bottle jack that came with the vehicle, but its far too short to lift the Scout high enough to remove a wheel.

What do you guys usually get for this kind of situation? I was considering just buying a silverado 1500 jack from the salvage yard just to get it done, but I don't have any experience with the challenges related to dealing with a Scout problem that requires a jack. Any pointers?

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