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Default Scout II 4-cyl EFI installations

it's finally time to start the dialogue. Know of any pics of an install of your kit on a Scout II w/196? I'm at a point where I need to do a serious reassessment of where I am with my project, and it revolves around your efi kit. I wish I had taken pics of John Glancy's rig at the gv show (that was a 4.3 TBI, right?). Couple of questions as I kick around some options...stock 4.3 TBI air cleaner - does that fit under the hood with your setup? What are other air cleaner options? This would be if I go n/a to get everything sorted out before returning to a turbo. I want to keep a crank fire system, so what parts are used for that...I know I need to get a new crank wheel made.
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