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Default Re: Andy's 75 Scout 250

I'd be afeared of falling into the hole trying to work on the engine.
To get the body close to the frame, I think you will run into problems because of the way the frame kicks up too soon interfering with the front floor of the Scout. Then the frame rises again over the rear axle again too high for the rear floor. You can kind of see this in this photo. Seems like the thing to do is to lengthen the frame under the front floor to get that first rise past the step-up in the floor, then eliminate the rise over the rear axle. Of course, mental modifying is easy
then there's the front. The steering box can be moved back to the 2wd position. I think there's even holes in the frame for this and it eliminates the crack prone mounting plate. If you look up something like "steering conversion" on the first gen forum at you might find this. There's a guy there, I think jungle jim who sells suspension mounting parts.
Now that I have totally hijacked your thread, I hope some of this helps! If not, tell me to go away.
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