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Default Re: Great Western Binder Bee 2009 Edition

Thanks for all the work done by the people to put on the bee.

On sun, met my wife in downtown salem and had lunch.

Managed to find my way back to i5 and headed south.

Ran into light rain -- looked like people going north were "slower".

Took 34 / 20 (albany / corvallis) over the mountains to the coast (101) at newport (varying amounts of rain) and headed south.

Stopped at hecata head lighthouse and walked up to the lighthouse (about 5pm). While starring at the ocean, I lucked out and saw two whales that spouted and we watched for 15 - 20 minutes and saw more spouts. Checked the internet on returning home and found a post where fin whales come in close to shore at high tide at hecata head to rub barnacles off their skin on the rocks. Also, found an article where a dead fin whale washed ashore at hecata head and was buried on the beach in March.

Continued on to florence, or and stopped for the night -- knowing that Monday would be a long day (to get home in the sf bay area).

On the road around 8:30 am and made it home around 7:30 pm. "too hot" (relative, I know) south of garberville (no a/c), but we perservered.
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