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Default Re: Jamie's Diesel Scout II

With the new engine it was time for some performance goodies. Darren fabricated a custom cold air intake for the new engine as cold air flow into a diesel is critical in keeping exhaust gas temps in check.

Mandrel bent 3" exhaust tubing was used to creat the custom intake.

A hole is cut right behind the headlight area so that the cone air cleaner can get as much fresh cool air as possible.

A little closer look.

With the intake side of the engine done it was time to move onto the exhaust side. Darren fabbed up a nice free flowing 2 1/2" exhaust system that should keep things flowing efficiently.

A flex joint was installed to keep the exhaust system flexible within the chassis.

A nice big free flowing muffler will keep the noise levels in check while making as much power as possible.

The tail pipe was routed and trimmed to help prevent it from getting smashed. Between the bumper and side guard it is fully protected.

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