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Default Jamie's Diesel Scout II

We started doing some work on Jamie's 1978 Nissan diesel powered Scout back in January of 2010. This Scout started as a non-turbo powered diesel with stock suspension. We started initially with some suspension work as the current suspension had seen better days and will start the build here.

Here's the Scout in its stock form sitting on jack stands prior to the tear down.

As you can see the suspension was in sad shape with a broken main leaf spring.

Next the leaf spring were removed both front and rear.

Followed by the front spring hangers as a reverse shackle kit is going to be installed.

A lay out of the parts to be installed. We have 2.5" Rough Country leaf springs, CPT reverse shackle kit, CPT SUA Ubolt plate kit w/ 5/8" ubolts and some real smooth riding Bilstein shocks.

We always start the install of our reverse shackle kits by first assembling the front spring hangers.

This makes installation much easier and more accurate.

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