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Got started working on a shackle reversal kit yesterday. I had the kit sitting on the shelf for a couple years, that was ear marked for my 72. But that project is on hold for now, so I decided to install this kit into my current beast.

As I was tearing through it, to my suprise, one of the previous owners had installed urethane bushings in the leaf springs. Also, noticed that the front left bushing is a little chewed up from what ever happened in the past.

Name:  Bushings.JPG
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These are the front shackles I took off in order to mount the fangs for the shackle reversal

Name:  Shackle - Front Left.JPG
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After getting the fangs mounted with some good tack welds, we moved onto plasma cutting off the rear leaf spring hangers and cleaning up left over bugger welds

Name:  Andy getting ready for grinding.JPG
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Still need to get the proper angle for new shackles, then drill through the frame with hole saw for the sleeves that came with the kit. Then 100% welding will be done on fangs & sleeves, once they are in place.
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