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Originally Posted by vancetater View Post
wow looks good I had just changed the oil in it a week befour u got it the tire trans mount gave me a laugh wow. Like I said all I did to this thing was get it running and paint the thing
Yea - when I saw the ole crap of tire tread for the trans mount, I just shook my head in amazement. That's something that the hoodlem cheap bastards in my area would do.

I had the CPT trans mount, that I purchased from ihon, in my barrel rolled Scout, and just swaped it over

the engine oil did look fresh, but I changed it anyways. Plus, I also recently changed the transmision filter and oil. The oil in the trans smelled a little burnt and the filter was just as dirty. Had a very slight matalic residue, when I pulled the pan. Looked more like band wear, which seemed almost normal
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