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Default Re: 1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Originally Posted by Robert kenney View Post
I break them down and have the wheels and lock rings media blasted inside and out to remove any foreign material including rust. . . .

then I spray them with etching metal primer, with attention to only coat the ring tongue and mating groove lightly .
I mask the ring tongue to prevent more paint on it . spray the back of the wheel, in this case black and, the front silver along with the outer face of the ring .
. . .
have a few questions if you don't mind.

When you say media blasted do you mean sand blasted or something else such as walnut shells, metal bb's, soda or dry ice I hear they now also use sometimes, although I don't know which is correct to use for what application. Did you do the media blasting yourself or did you take it to someone else to have it done you can recommend?

What brand etching primer and paint did you use and does it come in a rattle can or can it only be applied by compressor with spray paint gun?

And what are the two metal platforms on the front fenders? I've never noticed those on any other truck.


p.s. Nice truck!
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