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Default Re: 1965 D1100 4x4 driver/project

I don't have time to do any work today but have enough to write up my headlight switch fix and post the pics from it. I'll try to keep this short. To start off, my trucks headlight switch likely broke years ago, see previous pics for carnage, and I needed an original switch on acount of fixing butchery and the fact that none of the interior lights worked. I got the correct knob from a salvage yard on my last road trip through Idaho, bought the switch with it, the only issue was the dimmer coil was broken to say the least. I pulled out the switch from my parts truck and the dimmer coil looked great, swapped the knobs and all was well untill I noticed one contact was missing, lost and rattling around inside the switch. I took it apart, another fell out, and I found that the slide itself was broken as well and one of its spring loaded contacts was bent up. The loose contact was there, but the staked tabs that hold it in place had broken off. Here its worth noting I'm a gunsmith by trade, and deal with staked in place parts coming loose often, so I came up with a fix. See pics for reference. Basically I cut new tabs with a sharp chisel and peened them over with a punch and VERY ginger tapping. They wiggle ever so slightly, but are tight enough to stay put. I polished the living snot out of all the things and ended up using the slide out of the other switch with the bad coil. My only fear is that because of the "restricted flow" of power due to my narrowing the tab slightly, they may heat up enough to burn the staking tabs or contact tab itself off. Time will tell, maybe this can help someone save an old switch.
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