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Default Re: Anyone have a holley distributor?

Originally Posted by moosebrew View Post
I'm gathering some parts to do a TBI conversion on my travelette and was wondering if anyone had a Holley style goldbox 4 or 8 cyl distributor they have no use for? If you have one you don't want or don't plan to use please let me know what you would like for it.

I have a quantity of both Holley breaker point and Holley gold box distributors. These have been torn down for full rebuild, lubricated, mechanical advance rebuilt, and lubricated and reassembled with a max end play of 0.015". The drive gear is installed and included in this price. Ready to be assembled for either oem use or for conversion to a magnetic trigger (breaker point units can be used for mag trigger conversion also). Does not included vacuum advance unit or cap.

Price for either design unit is $75. Re-manufactured vacuum advance units are available also, $65 each, and are indistinguishable from new.

I plan to be at the November meeting.
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