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Default Re: I have a running scout

Looks good. For the passengers sitting in rear bench seat, the last photo works. Maybe adding a gusset or two from the vertical tape to the top tube.

My own experience being involved in a barrel roll down a trail in hollister last year, tells me that the rear cargo area, behind the rear bench seat, won't get to much damage. Unless one ends up end over end type of a roll.

I think if for added security, for the cargo area, the second photo in combination with the last photo works. End result would triangulate more so of what you already have tacked inplace. Also, not sure how you have the cage setup right above the front seats (roof area of cage), can't really tell from the photos, but just from my own experience, I just might suggest triangulating that area of the cage between the two front hoops

how did ya do the bottom half of the front hoop below the dash? I ask due to the one in my Scout was very poorly designed by one of the previouse owners before I got ahold of it. I currently cannot open glove box and the e-brake handle was cut off to accomidate the front hoop.

I plan on completely re-doing and redesigning my current cage
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