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Default Re: Pete's Buildup '73 Scout II

Well, I thought I should update. I don't have the pictures to post up right now, but the front axle is in, the 2" spacers have been mounted, the tierod and draglink have been installed, the hydraulic lines and ram have been plumbed and bleed. (the ram still hasn't been permanently mounted yet). The brakes need to be bleed some more since the braking is very spongy. Mounting the front axle was way more of a pain than the rear. I don't remember the front axle being so difficult when I did the SOA conversion a couple of years ago, but this time I had the axle completely assembled before I tried to mount it. Last time I just used the bare housing+knuckles and that is the way I should have done it this time.
I still need to mount the ps cooler that showed up yesterday and place the bumpstops. The shock will be used in the interim, but they won't last since they were made for only a 4" lift. The up-travel looks to be fine, but the down-travel with the wider axle will be an issue. I will post some picture up later.
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