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Default Re: Pete's Buildup '73 Scout II

Start of today's progress on the front axle.

Then some pictures of where I finished up at.

The heavy duty differential cover was a Christmas gift from the wife from RuffStuff. Between ihonlynorth, ruff stuff, and part's Mike I have been getting a ton of packages to try and get this axle swap done before the next wheeling trip.
The hydro-assist parts should show up tomorrow or Monday so I should be seeing the ups guy again.
I haven't mounted the steering arms yet since I need to see if the tierod will clear the springs without a spacer or not. I got some sky manufacturing thick arms so the have a built-in 7/8" spacer. I ended up getting the 4" studs though so in case I need to add a 1/2" or even a 1" spacer I won't have to purchase new hardware. A problem I ran into at the end of the day was trying to mount the 2" wheel spacers (I bought to widen out the front to match the d70 rear) won't let me fit a socket in to tighten the lugnuts. So I need to find some lug nuts that will work. Hopefully with the current studs because I don't want to tear down the axle again just to swap out the studs.
The ups guy showed up as I was working and brought my 1.5" x 1/4" dom for my tierod and draglink. I am using 7/8 thread tre's and draglink ends. Maybe tomorrow I will work on cutting those to length. The whole issue of the spacers has me bummed since that means yet another trip to the parts store.
'73 Scout II 345/727/d20
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