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Default Re: Pete's Buildup '73 Scout II

And now the latest is:
And these:
Putting them together took a full 5 hours or so and left me tired and sore.

Now I picked up a rear Dana 70hd with 4.56 gears
The thing is huge!
I later picked up a front full width d44 with 4.56 gears to match the rear. The rear carrier is welded, and I will transfer one of my aussie lockers from the the Scout axles to the full width Dana 44. Still waiting on $$$ for the swap though.
I ended up putting fatmat sound insulation in the hard top, but I stopped taking pictures of stuff for a while now. Details will follow with the axle swap.
'73 Scout II 345/727/d20
D44, D70HD with 37s

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