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Default Re: Old Cars and New Oils What to Use

Hi again Greg,

I post new topics when I feel that the current one has about run it's course. The previous "Keeping up with ATF" drew a lot of attention, and that is what in my mind putting out information is all about. With that said, I wanted to expound a little about the tie-in with International units and using the proper engine oil. I think it will go a long way as well as this kind of information is not normally known by most, including IH'rs.

As for grease, yes the 101 Moly Grease is a great product, it is probably one of my best selling greases (others are used for more industrial type applications). The difference between it and the 102 is that the 102 is the same as the 101 without the moly, it might be a little stiffer in cold weather, but if you keep it in an area out of the weather, like a garage, there should not be a problem with it. But to simplify things, the 101 will work in all your applications, therefore only need one grease. Both of them are listed as "non-melt" greases.

The Moly 101 is also available through IHPA- it is a favorite among off-roaders, including CV joints and chassis fittings for the "Rock-Crawlers."

Thanks again for the kudos, its always good to hear from you.

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