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Just as I had all my cooling issues ironed out and took the truck on a 30 mile drive I decided it was time to make her inoperable again. I had a decent leak coming from the t case and didn't have the confidence in taking the truck long distances until I resealed it. It was pretty much leaking out of every orifice. Also wanted to know if the seal between t case and transmission was leaking. Pulled it out, ground off at least 3 inches of crud from all sides, pulled it all apart, and put it back together. Was a relatively easy deal. While the t case was out it was the perfect time to change out the transmission mount and clean/paint the crossmember. Old one was about as bad as it could get. Picked up an rpt transmission mount from IH parts awhile back. Seal between t case and transmission wasn't leaking for the first couple days but after I replaced the trans mount I noticed the next morning it had started to leak. Glad it took me so long to clean, paint and reseal the damn thing.

Trans mount old and new

T case old and new

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