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Default Re: CV Joints on driveshafts

I will have to do all the calculations. Of course I was probably trying to save the cost of the CV joint but I wonder why it wasn't put more into my attention. I may not be remembering the "ask Jeff and/or Chad" part correctly.

I don't have any vibration issues even at freeway speeds here in Los Angeles. I genrally dont drive more than 55-60 mph anyway, 46 year old vehicle and probably only vehicle on the road that gets LESS mpg on the highway.

However I do a lot more freeway driving than ever before so I will think long and hard about a CV joint.

BTW, I had a 1970 with a 351C and Quadrajet that needed rebuilding constantly. Fun to blow doors on trans am's full of plastic fairings on sunset blvd back in the day
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