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Default Re: Before and After of My Scout 80 CS

Originally Posted by michael mayben View Post
It also had a hydraulic steering damper installed which is a total pos and only a bandaid as Robert described. It got shitcanned immediately. Same for the one on our recently acquired t'all, what a joke, those dam thangs are dangerous! If anyone thinks they are gonna fix steering/suspension with a damper bandaid, then they should not be driving down the same road I travel on!
They May be a bandaid for geometry issues, but how are they dangerous? My k5 had a stabilizer on it from the factory. Don't they just add some dampening to prevent all the jarring from the road from going directly to the steering system? It seems reasonable to me. People did clearly get carried away putting bunches of them on for cosmetic reasons back in the 90's. I'll admit I had side by side duals on my k5 for a while just because I thought it looked cool (I was young).
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