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Default Re: Before and After of My Scout 80 CS

I have written this already but in case it was missed. I have the mr-s springs and about 3/4 of shackle lift (1.5" longer shackle). The springs alone were fine from a drivability stand point. After adding the shackle I did begin to experience annoying bump steer. You have good timing to be asking about the lift because I am in the middle of flipping the tie rod ends to the top of the yolk and building a new drag link and tie rod assembly. In the machining and painting phase now. Tomorrow I will reassemble the axle. Then reverify kingpin bearing preload is correct 13-26ftlb from one of the kp cap bolts.

The tie rod flip will correct the drag link angle about 2 1/2 inches which should eliminate the bump steer. I will also lengthen the drag link to as far to the passengers side as possible to also decrease the angle.

I do need to have Jeff send me a knuckle seal kit which I forgot to do last week. Knuckle grease is spec-ed as #0 or #00 lube and not bearing grease or gear oil. It's viscosity is akin to yellow mustard, semi flow-able.

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