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Default Re: Before and After of My Scout 80 CS

The various length CPT shackles we have in the store will work for the s80 just fine. You simply cut down the center spacer to proper width after installing the springs using either shims or no shims between the inner bushing support and the side of the shackles depending upon which bushing set is used. The shims are simple grade 8 washers. Some bushing sets come with the shims, some don't depends upon the supplier's design.

After each shackle/spring is installed and the nut firmed up, then cut the spacer to fit and install between the plates with the supplied hardware.

This pic shows what I'm talking about, this is a 5" CPT shackle used with polyurethane spring bushings. All installed with silicone grease. The springs are oem.

This setup also includes the installation of steel, CPT 6* alignment wedges in the front axle/spring interface (oem spring-under), locked in place with both the u-bolts and the spring center pin.
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