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Haven't done much in the last couple weeks. I just ordered the trans rebuild kit last night. This rebuild is going to be a semi drawn out rebuild due to ordering parts when money becomes available. I will be doing a few minor upgrades in the process. Plus, I'm all green when it comes to actually rebuilding the trans myself. With all the resources available, I have been learning myself guuuder. In the mean time, I had picked up a used trans/transfer case combo last month, that I'm basically wishing I didn't get. My theory on it was to install the used trans as a temp solution, while I rebuild the original tranny. Just so I can get ole yeller mobile and have something to drive. Needless to say, I'm currently unhappy with that purchase of the used trans, since the guy didn't have the torque converter at the time and has yet to return my posts, emails, texts about it. Now that I'm tired of sitting on my hands waiting, I'm off to go purchase a torque converter this morning and start installing it this weekend. I need something to drive. I'm tired of walking and asking for rides from friends.
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